Making peace in Africa

George Clooney and John Prendergast of Sentry organization, are here again!

The article linked here  is the Sentry’s work. The article concentrates on matters of financial corruption, targeting the Government of South Sudan, African countries, and the leaders. The corruption allegations against South Sudanese leaders, including the Nilepet, are not new. All the package of financial looting, so-called, are problems that came up during pre-war, the ongoing war and will continue to pop up until the end of the war. The reasons being that corruption in South Sudan, and elsewhere in Africa, are seen as the basic causation’s of many civil strives and instability. The ongoing war, to be exact, resulted from corruption’s accusations and counter accusations between President Salva Kiir and the majority of the opposition leaders.

This means that President Donald J Trump’s administration engagement in sanctions and arms embargo against the Government of South Sudan could be interpreted as an intention to change the regime, contrary to peacemaking. This American diplomatic and political double standards has been the scenario in dealing with Africa since 1960, a case of Democratic Republic of Congo, and Liberia in point. It was the policy of “American interest first” which subjected the Congolese to permanent insecurity and acute poverty in the mineral-rich country. Americans always unite to secure their economic interest, even if it means death for Africans. This is the game being played by the Sentry in its imbalanced and pirated investigations on corruption issues against the foreign corporation like Nilepet in a sovereign country, like the Republic of South Sudan.

In my opinion, the USA under President Trump administration has lost the credibility to monitor or lead the world. Trump has divided Americans on racial bases, white, black, Latinos, Muslims and immigrants. After his abdication of the world leadership, the USA lost control over UN, isolating itself from the world by withdrawing from the main treaties, such as Nuclear monitoring and the world environmental and weather change, signed by former presidents and ratified by the US Congress. The US, Africans must know from now on, that it has nothing for Africa and the world after Trump’s rhetoric “America first.”

The regime change propaganda against the Government President Solva Kiir is not the priority solution for now. The South Sudanese are only awaiting the outcome of the ongoing revitalization of the August 2015, Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, ARCSS, as the last chance in resolving this arms conflict peacefully. This does not mean that we are condoning the floating allegations on corruption. We only need honest and credible investigations to verify and obtain necessary facts and evidence. These investigations, unauthorized or authorized, should be deferred to the end of the war. For now, we need peace as the ultimate priority that could save our country and devastated population. Anything else should be allocated to accountability and the country’s institutional transformation programme after the end of the war.

By Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey

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