Accept and Upheld the crisis in our country

The presidency and R-TGoNU, let alone the National Legislature and Judiciary, which are yet to be formally revitalised and established in accordance with constitution and R-ARCSS, are lockdowned. The High Level Coronavirus Taskforce Committee, led then by First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, tested positive, quarantined and replaced.
The New National Coronavirus Taskforce Committee is headed by Vice President Hussien Akol Ayii Akol, in his capacity as the head of the R-TGoNU services cluster and membership of technocrats. This National Taskforce Committee is correctly composed of national experts and professionals. I assume the Committee shall be in touched with scientists of South Sudan and the world.
Although the terms of reference of the Committee seem precisely, confine to emergency campaign against the unknown disease, covid-19, yet it is complementary to peace and security arrangements, the acute economic crisis, humanitarian issues-in terms of repatriation of refugees and internally displaced communities, the hunger affected citizens in the towns and villages and the entire insecurity all over the country.
In a Nutshell, this hugely compounded crisis facing our country, should be upheld, accepted and obligatorily recognised by our leaders and the loyal citizenry of South Sudan as unprecedented, and therefore ultimately dangerous to livelihood of our people and the country.
To overcome this compounded national crisis, the collective transitional leadership, led by the parties in the presidency, R-TGoNU, the parliament, Judiciary, the states’ governments and the communities must come to “sensefull peace” and condemn the “senseless war” along with evils and devils of hate, jealousy, suspicion, none idealogical rivalry, political anarchy and violence.
Putting these evil social relationships among the politians and communities behind us, could surely provide the solidarity and collective approach we badly need to overcome the current dangers facing our country. We also need the world to understand our humanitarian crisis of the post war and the world extended coronavirus human killer. South Sudan alone, shall not overcome these disastrous phenomena.
In my opinion, South Sudan needs to concentrate on its available resources to generate money by increasing petroleum production and mineral wealth available. Second, we have to seek the international diplomatic deals and support through the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the African Union Security Council (AUSC), since they were/are both involved in humanitarian assistance, peace and security in South Sudan. The leadership in the presidency and R-TGoNU must appeal to the UNSC and AUSC for the world support we need, without diplomatic prejudice. This is the only option, I think, which is available to us for mere survival of the population and the country. Otherwise South Sudan shall not lonely survive this “sunama.” Dr. Aldo Deng-Akuey
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