Accountable means liable to acount for one’s action (see Advanced English Dictionary).

Accountability: A noun, on which nearly all politicians in Africa, assume that they know its meaning. Its meaning is not very clear to African political leaders. It is actually a significant basic obligation for government executives to possess and acknowledge the necessity of administrative accountability and legal interpretation of the law and its enforcements. Ultimately, acountableness relies on democratically elected parliament (see the US, British or France parliaments), where checks and balaces prevail in earnest. With African “conundrum” and their noecolonially adopted systems of governance from former colonial Britain and France, there has been a ready lost of African administrative traditions.

This resulted to ignorance, confusion and bewilderness to absorb alien and randomly borrowed democracies, authoritarianisms, autocracies or Russian and Chinese communist dictatorship. It is time for Africa to create its own patern of Pan-African liberal democracy and the rule of law.

This article, though less comprehensive, focuses on African governments’ failure to contain and sustain legal accountabilities. Accountability in all deliberations, deliveries of social services and economic functions of a government, has been the main cause of African leaders’ failure. This word “accountability” therefore, points to political administrative accountability by governments, without prejudice to legal procedures against individual executives.

The checks and balances (see the US Congress) upgrade share responsibilities among the three legs of constitutional governance: (a) the Executive; (b) the Parliament; and (c) the Judiciary. This system of government is obliged to commit to parliamentary accountability or face legal procedures before a court of law, upgrate supervision, law enforcement, good conduct and good governace.

In democracy, an independent Judiciary is responsible for the rule of law, enforcing an effective application of law to “see justice to be done” for all citizens without prejudice or exception of “no one is above the law.” This principle of justice therefore, is only saved in liberal democracy where human freedoms prevail over all variants system of government: being dictatorships, authoritarianisms, autocracies or communist oriented proliteriate dictatorship. However, Africa is stuck in conundrum of which it is responsible to random adoption for alien system of government. African traditional administration, cultural indigenous rights existed long before Americans or British (see Egyptology and archealogist findings in Egypt and Sudan). However, Africa has not lost its vision on look back to its origin. It is time to own our Africanness, recover our past and strenthen the Pan-African democracy, modernise and developed suitable system government that could upgrate Africa to world leadership stage. This move shall end African dependency on foreign bullying and economic exploitation.

I think the African liberators, including Dr. John Garang de Mabior, General Salva Kiir and their colleaques in arms had succeeded in the “arms liberations movements in the first phase.” They had tremendous Africans war efforts abilities to free the continent through deadly arms struggle and obtained the independence “we deserve.”

Nonetheless, these liberators, all arms liberated countries utterly failed to govern the countries they liberated. They all failed to deliver freedom dividens by all means, let alone social developments, provision of essential services to their people. Thus liberated Africa failed the mission of good governance since the content became free and independent from 1960s. The big research question is: why did Africa liberators succeed in arms liberation struggle and failed in utterly to govern its people and protect national interests?

Accountability does not apply effectively sufficiently in countries like Russia and china, Kingdoms such as Saudi Arabia or Iran and any authoritarian rule. Africa lives within the dichotomy of the two systems, dictatorship and democracy, both of which are foreign to African traditions and culture.

Now comes African democratic, military dictatorship and communist oriented liberation movements conundrum. There are few African countries which try to practice Westminster democracy, but the culture of Britain (UK) does not go down with Africa. One of many reasons why Westminster democracy is an utter failure. Military dictatorship is failure in Africa and therefore outlawed by African Union (AU). The system of government that could end conundrum and avoid bewilderness, is the Pan-African socialist ideology, a system which is a symbolic democratic success for Africa. Pan-African democracy is a success model in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zambabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Rwanda, Uganda etc,. Africa must pickup its liberal democracy from the Pan-African Traditional/cultural practices along with socialist ideological theories and practices. It is Pan-African ideology that may rid us of “conundrum” and assumption to good governance. In doing so, Africa shall rise up to its responsibilities and automatically embrace the logics of accountability and the rule of law as the main scientific philosophy of good governance.

By Dr Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey.

Dr Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey is the Chairperson and Publisher at The Nile Explorer company limited.

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