Ali Kiba rules out much anticipated collabo with Diamond Platnumz

How beautiful would it be if Tanzania’s hottest properties on the music scene Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba did a collaboration? With Ali Kiba’s vocals and Diamond’s swag and equally stunning musical prowess, the song would almost certainly break the internet, right?

A Diamond-Kiba collaboration has never been far from fans’ minds, with many keeping hope that perhaps one day the two artistes will set their stardom aside and make good music for the people. While the two have on several instances played down any beef between them, the main question has been: If there is no beef, why has there not been some sort of truce song together?

Kiba might just have had an answer for the fans and it is a bit heart-breaking as he completely crushed any hope of collaborating with the Waka Waka hit maker. In an interview with Tanzania’s Kwanza TV, he retorted in discouraging fashion when the show host tried to probe into the possibility of a song with Diamond.

“You can’t force me to do a collaboration with anyone I don’t want to. I will be the one to make that call,” he said, much to the disappointment of fans.

To be fair, the two artistes are miles apart in terms of the type of music they make for their East African fans. While Kiba is taking a more relaxed, mature approach and mixing up genres in his music, Diamond is also making airwaves with his songs which appeal more to the younger demographic. Considering their careers are taking different directions, it is rather difficult to fathom what their song would be like.

First published by The New Times

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