Appointment of a National Committee

Yesterday, H. E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic, composed and appointed a national committee, led by Honourables Tut Gatluak, Deng Alor and other politicians. This is a good initiative from the President. Do we expect a negotiating team from Sudan Government? May be!But, we should dig into history of Abyei Region and its people, without prejudice to their free will, to determine whether they are South Sudanese or Sudanese. Abyei’s nine chieftaincies’ citizens are South Sudanese by land and culture. Who questions this physical fact? Of course, no one, I correctly and logically assumed that the Arabs are also aware of these facts. The Arabs are aware of these facts because Abyei have been a self-governing iRegion since 1905. By its indigenous and modern culture, the Abyei people are distinctively South Sudanese of the Dinka Nationality.People of Abyei have never discriminated their Arabs niegahbours’ access to benefits from rich pastures , water and even settlements in the lands of Ngok Dinka.Following the Addis Ababa Agreement between Southern Sudan Liberation Fromt (SSLF), and Khartoum in March 1972, Abyei was a part of the agreement in order to determine its future through a referendum. Abyei did not vote because the Addis Ababa agreement failed. Abyei, along with South Sudanese and Sudanese, joined hands to liberate “New Sudan” for all Sudanese. Abyei, in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), like Southern Sudan, was expected to conduct its referendum first. Abyei was left in the cold by President Al Bashir regime. Abyei still awaits its right to be allowed by the two countries, South Sudan and Sudan, to vote in referendum in accordance with the CPA, signed by both countries on 9 January 2005 and guaranteed by Troika (the US, UK and Norway). In my opinion South Sudan and Sudan have nothing contentious to negotiate as we speak. What is left to resolve is the verification and identification of referendum’s voters. People, citizens of Abyei must be the ones to vote.

Dr. AldoAjouDengAkuey


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