Article Submission Guidelines

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Shared contents can be in form of news, stories, opinions, commentaries; audio & video talks and documentaries. All must conform to stipulated confines below:

  1. Opinions: 
  • Peace & Security in East Africa
  • Freedoms, Liberties, Rule of law, Democracy and  Human Rights
  • Women & Children in East Africa
  • East African Common Market
  • ECOWAS – Security, trade and Governance.
  • Security in the Great Lakes and Nile Basin,
  • Water, Agriculture &  Agribusiness in East Africa
  • Education & Health in East Africa
  • Morality in East Africa
  • Health & Education in East Africa
  • Peace & Security, Freedoms, Liberties and Rule of law in Africa and in the world at large
  1. Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Music
  • African Fashion & Beauty
  • Arts & Culture
  • Events
  • Bizarre stories and Emerging trends
  • Pictures
  • Repatriation of indigenous artifacts and Religion
  1. Politics
  • News
  • Analysis
  • Politicians
  1. Business and Economics
  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Technology
  1. Documentaries & Talks
  • Can revolve around any of the topics stated above
  1. More

-Any other field of interest relating to contemporary Africa and Africans at home or in the diaspora or if you have original ideas you’d like to share, submit your writing to us.

Please note – Only Well-written topical contributions will be published on the Nile Explorer website. Well-considered opinion pieces and commentaries on key issues affecting the continent and region are highly required.

If you wish to comment on any article on the Nile Explorer please do so in the comments section below every article, using your Facebook login or as an anonymous comment.