Consistency is key

Xoliswa Kali
How many times have you started something you but you never finished?

Me… Many times.

Starting is easy.

New diet, a business, a qualification.

All you need is loads of motivation and a spoonful of excitement, and you are on your way. It is the ‘in between’ that sucks.

Umlilo wama phepha – building a fire with paper.

In between starting and finishing the project, most of us lose momentum and eventually quit.

Part of the problem is that we seldom have a good idea about how long it will take to complete the task.

And some tasks just have no real end.

This is where we need consistency.

When the excitement has died down and the energy is low, you need to dig deep and find the strength to keep at it.

Whenever I speak with long distance runners, they always mention the concept of ‘saving energy’.

They say that when they start the race they are mindful of the hardest, usually steeps, parts of the journey.

Mentally, they reserve energy to tackle that part of the course.

They don’t sprint out of excitement and use up all their energy when the gun is fired.

The people who don’t finish are usually those who have miscalculated or used too much energy from the beginning.

But those who finish adopt a pace they believe they can maintain throughout the race.

This not only saves them energy but puts their bodies and organs under minimal stress.

It is a type of behaviour I would like to adopt.

I am trying very hard.

To pace myself in the duration of what needs to get done.

After establishing the goal, one needs to sit down and consider how much work needs to go into accomplishing it.

They map out a route.

And doing the work daily gets you to the finish line.

You have what it takes, just keep at it!

First Published by African Reporter


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