Davido: 9 tattoos you will find on singer’s body

By Gbenga Bada

Davido said he hid his first tattoos from his father for almost a year.

Davido is one of the many Nigerian music stars with tattoos and we know nine of the many tattoos you will find on his body.

In an interview with Ebuka Uchendo-Obi on a TV programme, Rubbin Minds, Davido said he hid his first tattoos from his father for almost a year.

He went further to say when his father found out about his tattoos, he almost had a heart attack.

However, the singer says his father is not bothered about the many inks on his body even though he doesn’t intend to surpass American rapper, Lil Wayne when it comes to tattoos.

I hid my first tattoos from my parents for like one year. Then one day, I was sleeping without my shirt on and my dad saw me and he woke me and he almost had an heart attack but now, we are cool,” he told Ebuka.

Here are some of the tattoos you can find on Davido’s body

The tattoos on Davido are all over his body especially the upper region of his body, which include neck, chest, arm, hand, back and belly.

Neck Region

1. Star sign: The star sign is actually one of the earliest tattoos Davido got when he began singing. Many of his pictures in his early days of joining the music industry had the star sign.

2. Believe: Another tattoo that is as early as the star sign on Davido‘s neck is the word Believe. The word is tattooed just below the star sign.


3. Rona: This is another tattoo that can be found on Davido. The word Rona, is actually tattooed on the singer’s upper chest. It is a known fact that Davido is fond of his elder sister, Sharon Adeleke-Ademefun, who is behind Rona Wigs Studio.

Arm (Left and Right)

4. Sweet Mother: The phrase Sweet Mother is one of the biggest tattoos on Davido‘s arm. The tattoo simply reminds his of his late mum, whom he never miss words to tell the world how he’s fond of her.

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5. Musical notes: Musical notes covered another large part of Davido’s arm. The musical notes tattoo can be seen anytime the singer is wearing short sleeves or T-shirts. He has always expressed his undying love for music – hence, his continued rise.

6. Love: On one of Davido‘s arm is the word, Love, tattooed. Considering the obvious fact that he’s smitten with Chioma, the inscription on his body might not be out of the blues.

7. HKN: Largely written on one of his arm is HKN. If you know Davido’s history, you would understand how he had surpassed the belief of many with the HKN music label, which has his older brother as the chairman.

Davido said he hid his first tattoos from his father for almost a year but now has more than 10 on his body. (Instagram/Davido)

8. Veni Vidi Vici: On Davido’s arm is a latin phrase, Veni Vidi Vici. This latin phrase was first used by renowned Julius Ceaser when he simply said, I came, I saw, I conquered.

9. Imade: It is a known fact that Davido’s first child is Imade. The young Miss Adeleke is the product of the singer’s short-lived fling with Sophie Mommodu.

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