Diamond Platinumz too big for any music label?


A few days after Bongo star Ali Kiba became the second artiste in Africa after Davido to seal a big deal with the Sony Music Entertainment label, his nemesis Diamond Platinumz has claimed that he is too big to be signed by any music label.

Ali Kiba signed what could be the biggest deal of his life with Sony records, just  a few days after he released his latest single “Aje” that is rocking airwaves in Tanzania and Kenya, and which has amassed more than one million views on YouTube.

The two have been music rivals for almost four years now and Diamond’s latest declaration, coming hot on the heels of Ali Kiba’s deal, has been deemed to be aimed at the latter.

“If a record label wants to sign me, I ask myself what extra value it will add, given how far I have come on my own. Right now I really don’t see the value they will add, unless they are offering to hook me up with a performance in heaven,” he said in an interview with Tanzania’s Cloud TV.

“Many music labels have approached me but I have turned them down. At the end of the day, it’s all about money: I have the capital, I have the networks and that’s why I choose to remain solo and do my thing.

“I can pay for my music video and those of my musicians as well as sell and promote my music so what do I need music labels for? ” he posed.

First Published by the Daily Nation

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