Do not fall in love with a person who once rejected you

By Christine Nakalungi

“If you don’t love me now, don’t love me later” is a line in Christopher Martins’ song that is applicable in our love lives. The journey of finding true love is a hard one, we all go through heartbreaks, humiliations, hopes that sometimes turn bloody and by the time someone settles down, he or she is a hero of her own love story.

If you look back at what you have endured on your path to finding true love, you would be proud that at some point you did not give up. Because truthfully writing, most people have given in to the frustrations of love and swore not to involve feelings and hope anymore. Others have even signed for celibacy and sold their feelings into other stuff such as career and hobbies. Everyone has a story to tell but let me share one.

“I am sorry but you are not my kind of a woman.” Joseph told Ritah. This statement went straight from his lips and pierced through her ego, hope and feelings. She mourned quietly for some time and eventually, time stonewashed the memory and soothed the scar. Ritah had dated Joseph for two years and at some point, she thought they had a future together. Well, Joseph was on a different page, he never saw Ritah beyond a mere girlfriend. To him, she was not a ‘marriage material’. He replaced Ritah so fast and this almost drove her into a coma but she survived it.

“All things work out for good…” The Bible says. Ritah picked up the broken pieces of her heart and continued on the journey to finding true love. It was not very long before her ‘Prince Charming’ marched into her life and kissed away her tears. She was hesitant to fully give in to his proposal but accepted after persistence.

Good news travel fast, Joseph learnt of her wedding preparations and as an enemy of progress, he came back with an old song of “I still love you. Please forgive me”. Ritah was surprised that her heart did not even skip when she saw him again; he on the other hand started to act like an obsessed fella. He dramatically knelt down and asked for forgiveness shading a few duplicitous tears, he asked her back.

“I am willing to marry you, just pick a date and I will be at your home with whatever bride price you ask for”
Ritah just walked away before tabloids picked the interest and when she shared this story at her bridal shower, she advised the single girls who were present. “Do not be fooled, if a man treated you like trash yesterday, how can he treat you like a treasure today? Those kinds of people are either after your money or fame but a true man will love the person you are than a person you have become.”

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