DRC: Opposition supporters protest against voting machines

In Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, a few thousand demonstrators travelled about 7 km on Boulevard Lumumba, one of the city’s main roads.

The opposition supporters in the DRC are denouncing potential fraud in the December elections, which will mark Joseph Kabila’s departure after 18 years in power.

The demonstrations were also aimed at the removal of more than ten million registered voters without fingerprints from the electoral register by the electoral commission.

It is a great show of strength by the Congolese people who refuse the voting machine, who refuse the corrupt electoral register and who want good elections. And as a leader with the people in harmony, in unison, we walked today to say no to electoral fraud.

The opposition considers that these South Korean-made machines will encourage fraudulence during these elections, which must name President Kabila’s successor in a country that has never experienced a peaceful transition since its independence in 1960.

Source – AFP

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