Hope for South Sudan: Salva Kiir Promises New Dawn of Peace in 2018

Presidents Kiir, in a Christmas Day address at the St Theresa Cathedral in Juba, said his government’s top priority was to restore peace and unity among all South Sudanese communities.

South Sudan attained independence in 2011, but it has had internal wars for four years.

More than 100,000 people have lost their lives in the conflict, according to the International Crisis Group.

More than two million South Sudanese have become refugees, while another one million people remain internally displaced, according to the UN.

“We must recommit ourselves to the course of peace, and extend a hand of unity and friendship across all the divides in the country,” he said

In what seemed as resolve towards peace for the war torn country, President Kiir said the recent signing of the cessation of hostilities agreement in Addis Ababa was a sign of ending the violence countrywide.

He reiterated that he had issued orders for the immediate implementation of the ceasefire to guarantee the safety of civilians and humanitarian services all affected regions in all combat stricken regions.

He further urged the other stakeholders to also negotiate in similar good faith.

“I trust that our partners are also negotiating in the same good faith for the benefit of all citizens in South Sudan. “The sooner we can come to the final and meaningful agreement, the sooner we can reenergise the implementation process and get South Sudan back on the path of prosperity,” he said.

This he said while expressing confidence that the revitalization forum, which ended in Addis Ababa recently, would pave the way for the reconstruction of South Sudan and for the restoration of the economy.

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