How to Back up and download WhatsApp Database in Google Drive

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications which have been used by millions of users worldwide. Are you using WhatsApp?  Then you might be aware of the WhatsApp feature in which WhatsApp keeps our all the chat or media backup on Google drive. Have you ever seen where the backup data are stored? No right? It’s because of the security feature of WhatsApp. But there is a way by which we can download WhatsApp Database from Google Drive. Continue reading to find the method to download WhatsApp database.

Backup/Download WhatsApp Database from Google Drive

How to Perform Google Drive Backup of WhatsApp Messages

If you are an Android user, you can sync your chat history, as well as media to Google Drive in these steps:

Run WhatsApp -> Tap “Settings” -> Select “Chats” -> Click “Chat backup” -> Press “Back up to Google Drive” -> Choose a Google account to save your data to.

Download WhatsApp Database from Google Drive

  • Open your Whatsapp messenger.
  • Go to Settings >> Click on Chat.
  • Click on Chat Backup >> Select the Google Account.
  • Then Click on Backup, Your WhatsApp chat backup start to create the backup in your Google Account Drive.

How to Get the Backup File of WhatsApp Chat

  • Open your Whatsapp messenger
  • Click on Chat >> Click on Chat backup
  • Click on Backup >> Then you Click on Chat Backup, system creating a backup file
  • After Backup Process Completed
  • Go to My Files >> Open Internal Memory
  • Click on WhatsApp folder >> Click on DataBases
  • Check on the date of backup >> Take a latest one backup file
  • Copy it into your Expandable memory or Send to your PC.

How to Disconnect WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

  • Go to Google Play Store and at the top of the play store your Username will be Shown
  • If you have the Password of that Email account, it’s good. otherwise, go to the browser and forget your email password
  • Now your work is started: Go to Google Drive and log in with your same Play store Email ID and Password.
  • Once you log in, you can see the right side Setting Icon Click on it
  • Now, a pop-up box show on your screen and by default it is on the “General” tab just click on “Managing Apps”.
  • Now you can get access to WhatsApp Messenger
  • Click on “Option” and there are only two option “Disconnect from drive” and “Delete Hidden App Data”.
  • Now choose “Disconnect from Drive” and click “Ok”
  • And now your WhatsApp backup has been disconnected from Google drive

How to Delete and Stop WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

  • Go to Google Play store and check out the username of your account
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Now, go to Google Drive; a pop-up box show on your screen and by default it is on the “General” tab just click on “Managing Apps”.
  • Now you can get access to WhatsApp Messenger
  • Click on “Option” and there are only two option “Disconnect from drive” and “Delete Hidden App Data”
  • Now, choose the option “Delete Hidden App Data” and Click “OK”
  • If you want to stop WhatsApp Backup temporarily, then you can choose the option “Disconnect from Drive” and click “OK”

Transferring WhatsApp via Google Drive Backup

Google Drive backup is the saving of your messages and media to your personal Google Drive account. To use Google Drive, make sure the following is true:

  • Your device must be synced with Google Drive.
  • Google Play Services must be installed (only available for Android 2.3.4 and later).
  • Your Google Drive account must have enough space for all of your WhatsApp data.
  • Your phone must have enough free space to create the backup.
Follow the Below Steps:-
  1. Backup WhatsApp messages on your old device to Google Drive, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.
  2. Add the same Google account to the new phone that was used to perform the backup on your old phone. Also, make sure you are using the same phone number on the new phone.
  3. Install WhatsApp on your new phone.
  4. After verifying the same phone number used to perform the backup on the old phone, you will be prompted to restore your messages and media from Google Drive.
  5. Once, the restoration process is complete, tap on “Next” and your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete.
  6. After restoring your chats, WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files.

Important Things to Keep in Mind about Google Drive

Download WhatsApp Database from Google Drive
Download WhatsApp Database from Google Drive
  • The backup process might take more time to complete, so make sure to leave your phone connected to a power supply for an uninterrupted power source.
  • At Google Drive, you can also change your chat backup frequency at any time by tapping Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • If you are using the same Google Account for WhatsApp data backup, the same Google Drive is overwritten; and there is no other way is available to restore an older Google drive backup.
  • Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat History from Android

Now WhatsApp allows users to back up their chat history to Google Drive or Local Storage. Unfortunately, if you’ve deleted the WhatsApp Chat history, then you can easily get it recovered. Wondering how? Follow the below steps:-

Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive Backup

WhatsApp will ask you to restore chats and media from a backup when you verify your number. If you have both Google Drive backup and local backup for your WhatsApp, it will ask you to restore Google drive backup by default.

  • Reinstall WhatsApp and verify phone number on Android device.
  • Tap “Restore” when the backup is found.
  • Check your WhatsApp chats after the restoration is done.

Retrieve WhatsApp from the Most Recent Local Backup

If you are sure that your deleted WhatsApp chats are in the most recent local backup, you have to disable Google Drive WhatsApp backup first. You can either log out Google account on your phone temporarily or delete your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Then perform the operation as described in the Google Drive backup part.

Troubleshooting Backup and Restoration Issues

For problems related to Google Drive backup creation

  • Make sure you’ve logged in to your phone using your Google Account.
  • Also, ensure that you’re having enough available space in your Google drive account to create a backup.
  • Verify you have Google Play services installed on your phone.
    • Note: Google Play services are only available on Android 2.3.4 and higher.
  • Are you attempting to back up your data on a cellular data network? Then make sure that you have enough data available for using both WhatsApp and Google Play Services. If you’re unsure about the data pack available, please contact your service provider before you are ready to get started with your restoration process.
  • In certain cases, if there is no data available, then try to create a backup over a different network. Example: Try connecting to Wi-Fi if you’re unable to back up over a cellular data network.

For problems related to Google Drive backup restoration

  • While you’re trying to restore a backup, make sure you’re trying to restore a backup using the same phone number and Google account that the backup was created on.
  • Check out the storage space available to make sure there’s enough space on your phone to restore the backup.
  • Make sure you have Google Play services installed on your phone.
    • Note: Google Play services are only available on Android 2.3.4 and higher.
  • Since the data restoration and backup takes more time, make sure your battery is fully charged or your phone is plugged into a power source.
  • Make sure your phone has a strong and stable Internet connection. If restoring using a cellular data network does not work, please try Wi-Fi.

Advantages of WhatsApp Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery features of WhatsApp has been engineered to eliminate some of the toughest challenges in backup and recovery and deliver the maximum value. Below are just a few of the cutting-edge features.

  1. Individual File Restoration: WhatsApp Data Recovery can Backup solution is automatic and easy to manage. So there is no need to worry about the lost file or corrupted file, even if you accidentally delete the file, you can restore it from Google drive.
  2. Disk Level Backup and Recovery: If your hardware fails, your data can be restored in just a matter of hours. In the event of a phone crashed or OS failure, for example, the exact data can be duplicated to a new hard drive and get you back up and running as soon as the transfer is complete. Your backed-up data can also be deployed as a virtual server in case of catastrophic failures, such as a fire, lightning strike, flood, theft, or vandalism of your mobile phone.
  3. Disaster-Proof Data: Your data can be made disaster-proof with the efficiency safe and secure feature of Google Drive. All the messages and media such as audio, video, image, PDFs, GIFs and all other file formats which you’re received will be automatically backed up frequently. You can also set the time limit on data backup.
  4. Efficiency: You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your older hardware. Advantage Backup and Recovery is non-disruptive and can be installed without impacting your normal business routine.
  5. Dynamism: Backup and recovery features of WhatsApp can be configured and modified quickly to meet the demands of your high paced environment. Whatever your situation is or wherever you’re, you can get easy access to your WhatsApp messages.
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