How to Defeat Self-Doubt


Dream pressure. It’s the pressure you feel in the process of trying to fulfil your dream. It is a result of downtimes, disappointments, obstacles, etc. All these elements put pressure on the entrepreneur. Dream pressure is the uncomfortable squeeze that comes with birthing an idea. It’s the pain that accompanies the dream process. And often, this pressure causes self-doubt.

The excitement of an idea quickly gives way to the realities in the process of birthing it. Consequently, self-doubt kicks in and you start questioning yourself and your abilities.

You think thoughts like: What was I thinking to start this? Do I have what it takes? I’m I going to make it? “I don’t have enough cash,” “This is harder than I thought.” The voice of discouragement growing in you gets stronger and you’re on the verge of quitting.

But don’t quit. And this is why.

Limits are lies: Every limit is a lie. Every thought that tries to stop your dream is false. Ask anyone who has succeeded. They will confirm that self-defeating thoughts are normal, but they understood the trick – it’s all lies. To defeat self-doubt, you must understand that all the questions in your mind that is attacking your confidence are all untrue.

Your capacity is valid. Believe it. Act like it. And yes, tough times will come. You will get every opportunity to quit. Challenges will come like a storm, but the dream is stronger. It will happen if you stand strong – if you don’t quit.

You have the capacity: Ideas are smart. They only go to those with the capacity to do them. So, when you get an idea, it means you have what it takes to do it. The arrival of an idea confirms capacity. If you didn’t have the capacity, the idea wouldn’t knock at your door. You can do it, hence it’s arrival.

This understanding is key in your fight against self-doubt. Remember, self-doubt occurs when you get thoughts designed to make you attack yourself or question your capacity. But, you must deeply appreciate the fact that you have what it takes.

Do it anyway: Most times, self-doubt lingers all through the dream process until the dream comes true. Often, the mental fight doesn’t go away. In this case, defy the thoughts by consistently taking actions. Don’t stop doing what you know to do. Sometimes, tending to those sick feelings in your stomach is a waste of time. Feel sick but do it anyway. That’s what winners do.


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