How to effectively cast your vision


Entrepreneurship is a mandate to lead people, manage resources and change lives.

As such, the entrepreneur is required to catch a vision of a future that inspires people to join in and actively participate.

Furthermore, the vision must be properly communicated for others to get involved.

Vision casting is the art of communicating the future that the entrepreneur sees.

If done well, the results are impressive. Vision casting is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs and should be given the attention it deserves.

Your thoughts are intangible. So it’s your job to show us what you mean, walk us through your thought process and make us believers.

Do you know how? Here are a few tips. Talk your vision: Speech reveals conviction.

A person’s conversation pattern shows their primary or core beliefs. So, what’s your conviction? Do you talk about it? How often? If your team is confused about your passion, you’re not communicating well.

Everyone should know what you believe by your speech. Effective leaders are systemic communicators. They use select words for desired impact. On purpose, these entrepreneurs cultivate their environment by their words.

It’s a systematic approach that eventually shapes the corporate culture. Live your values: In vision casting, speaking is ineffective without action because your team is watching to see if you mean what you’re saying.

And the way to clearly communicate your plans is by acting out your values. How you behave in line with your vision is important. Values are the pillars of a vision. They are select behavioral elements that clearly convey what you mean. You have to daily display your values to clearly communicate your vision.

This display is what makes your vision clear to your team. It makes it easy for them to understand the behaviour that is tied to your goals. You’re showing, not just telling. When what you say and do doesn’t match, vision casting is compromised.

Coach your team: Vision casting is hard work. at’s why few leaders are good at it. Many don’t understand that they have to invest time in their people for this to work. You have to teach it in different ways for people to eventually get it. This is done by constantly asking questions, having conversations and exchanging ideas about the vision. The idea is to get the vision rooted in your team at an emotional level because they own it when they feel it. Coaching drives the vision into your team’s core.

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