IGAD proposes new compromise to settle disagreement over South Sudan states

(KHARTOUM) – The mediation has proposed a compromise to the South Sudanese parties to settle the difference over the number of states, said the semi-official Sudanese Media Center on Sunday.

The IGAD mediators chaired by the Sudanese foreign minister El-Dirdeiry Ahmed launched on Saturday the peace discussions after the Eid al-Adha break.

During the first three days, the parties will only discuss the bracketed issues including the number of states, the role and functions of the First Vice President, the creation of new five ministers, the NCR and preparatory commission for the national constitutional conference.

“IGAD sources revealed that the Sudanese and IGAD mediation filled a proposal to the South Sudanese parties to overcome the disagreement over article 4 on the number of states and boundaries,” said the SMC.

The sources further stressing that it is possible to resolve the dispute over the (number of) states through mutual concessions to achieve a sustainable peace in South Sudan. but didn’t develop on the nature of the proposal.

While the government accepts the idea of a referendum that it launched in February 2016, the opposition forces call to pick on the three options the reestablishment of the 10-states administrative system, three autonomous regions or 79 counties.

In addition, the opposition groups put on the negotiating table a proposition providing to resort to arbitration in case of failure to strike a deal through the Independent Boundaries Commission

According to the SMC, a significant progress has been achieved in the talks, so far, and a report has been sent to the IGAD leaders about the talks.

In a twit posted on Saturday night, Nuur Mohamud Sheekh, a Senior Political Officer, at the Office of IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan discoed in a Twitter message posted on Saturday night that Sudanese foreign minister held a meeting with the Party leaders to discuss the persisting disagreements in the talks.

“There’s no alternative to peace and an agreement to end the conflict must be a priority for the parties – the solution lies in your hands, he tells the party leaders,” El-Dirdeiry said, according to Sheekh.

The mediators scheduled to hold the initialling ceremony of the final document on the revitalized peace agreement on Monday 27 August at midday.

Talks on the implementation matrix will start on 29 August and last for five days.

In another Tweet on Sunday evening, Sheekh said “Delighted to see South Sudan parties make a significant progress. Clearly talks are being conducted in a good faith and parties making concessions for the sake of peace!”.


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