Is Morality Still Part of the Business of Politics in South Sudan?


We have had people who got caught with their hands in money pots, whether it is the President’s declaration that $4.5 bl has been stollen by holders of high office, or staff of the President’s office being sentence to a life term but got pardoned and reappointed back into high office, or the open secrets about the oil-presales, the debacle that is the State Oil Corporation, Nilepet, or some Ministers of Finance who have gone on to become major business moguls.


We have a country whose government image is eroding ever more from inside because of nepotism, theft of public property, all the while, the “thinkers”, “intellectuals” and the so-called “educated” people are all scrambling to become the next ministers and directors within this rotten system, instead of challenging it and pushing for reforms as the most burning priority. Is this not the most obvious indictment of us all, if all we can do is lobby to join it, instead of fighting it?


We have a failed civil service, both because there is no more way for any civil servant to make a decent living in a legitimate way and the fact that employment in this space is by appointments instead of recruitments. On DPF, we have the tendency to arrogantly think of ourselves as the cream of the crop when it comes to analysis of situation as a country or people and yet so willing to look away from mess, only able to make low voice complaints about the system while trying to enter this very system in its current setup. If this is not the pinnacle of state failure at the level of government and sociopolitical failure at the level of intellectuals, then I don’t know what is!


Of course I know some people will wonder what I suggest by way of a solution to this situation and my preemptive answer is that we should more vigorously challenge our leaders, tell them point blank that they are driving South Sudan ever more into a hole and some of us who are not office holders muster a collective position to this effect and see what those in power will do to us, sit with us in search of solutions or jail some of us, like kuel Aguer. otherwise, silence in the face of destruction may be just as destructive as the actions of those in power who have deliberately chosen to ignore morality as a way of politics.

Peace, JMJ

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