Kenya/Rwanda/Tanzania/Uganda ongoing high value projects

The provision of adequate infrastructure, along with macroeconomic stability and a long-term development strategy, is considered one of the necessary conditions for sustainable economic and social development. This fact is not lost on East African countries, where many high value projects are under construction, according to professional services firm, Deloitte

1. Kigali Innovation City

The project reflects Rwanda’s commitment to digital transformation as the driver of economic growth. The project with an estimated value of Sh190 billion will be built on the grounds of the Kigali Special Economic Zone, located 10km east of Kigali City’s business district.

The city will comprise all elements of a typical urban centre including corporate buildings, retail, leisure, sports, accommodation, health care centre and other amenities. The project promises to be the largest techno city in East Africa.

2. Karuma Hydropower Plant

The Ugandan Hydroelectric Power project is being constructed at an estimated cost of Sh160 billion. The project is located at Karuma dam in Kiryandongo district. When complete, the project will add 600MW to Uganda’s national grid. The project is funded by Export and Import Bank of China and being constructed by a Chinese firm Sino Hydro Power Company.

3. Nairobi-Naivasha Rail Project

It is the second phase of Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project. The transport project is ongoing on a budget of Sh150 billion. When completed, the railway line will connect East Africa’s biggest sea port of Mombasa to Kenya’s interior through the capital city. The project is financed by the Exim bank of China and is being undertaken by China Road and Bridge Corporation.

4. Mtwara Gas Project

                                           [box] Mtwara Gas Project[/box]

This is a power and energy project for transporting natural gases from Tanzania’s Mnazi Bay to capital Dar es Salaam. The 533km project is on an estimated budget of Sh130 billion. Once completed, the project will add 400MW to the national grid. The project is being built under private-public partnership. The project will minimise Tanzania’s reliance on hydro and oil energy sources.

5. Central line

The Tanzanian Railway project is ongoing at an estimated cost of Sh100 billion. The project is being undertaken by a Turkish Construction firm and will be 422km upon completion. The high speed electric line will overtake the existing diesel locomotive that was built over 10 decades ago. When completed, Tanzania will have spent over Sh140 billion for upgrading its railway projects and constructing new ones.

6. Lake Turkana Wind Power

The project is located in Loiyangalani district of Marsabit County. It is running on a budget of Sh90 billion. The project involves construction of 365 wind turbines with an individual capacity of 850kW. It will add 310MW to the national grid, which is about 15 per cent of Kenya’s installed capacity. According to the sale agreement, the generated power will be sold to Kenya Power, the country’s sole power distributor.

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