Kenya/ Somali Border Wall Construction Sparks Diplomatic Row.

There has been a dispute between the residents of Balad Hawa town in Gedo region and the Kenyan armed forces over the construction of the border wall pioneered by the Kenyan government in efforts to stem the rising threats by terrorism elements many of whom originate from Somali land. The dispute arose after the Kenyan government once again started the construction of the wall at the border between the two countries.

The residents of Balad Hawa, Somalia are said to be opposed to the project as it will interfere with their businesses. Interviewed Gedo residents say that they depend on customers from across the border and thus the erected wall will affect their livelihoods.

Secretary-General of the parliamentary defence committee Mr Sadik Warfa told Radio Dalsan that the committee will sit down and address the issue today and also discuss on how to come up with a plan that addresses a long-term integration between communities who live at the two sides of the border.

Mr Warfa also congratulated the Balad Hawa residents on how they handled and addressed the issue, saying they portrayed patriotism.


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