Martyrs Day Commemoration

The Republic of South Sudan’s MARTYRS DAY Commemoration (30 July 2005-30 July 2020), that is the fifteenth anniversary!
The word martyr means: one who sacrifices, has sacrificed, sacrificed, his/her life, his/her station, or what is of great value to him/her, for the sake of principle, sustain a cause.
We in the Republic of South Sudan, we critically vision, remember and recall the moment, the successful political environment, circumstances and time in which the Chairman of the SPLM, the commander in chief of National Army, SPLA, and then First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and President of the strongest autonomous region of Southern Sudan.
Dr. John Garang de Mabior signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on 9 January 2005, in Nairobi, appointed as the First Vice President of Sudan on 9 July 2005 and Killed on 30 July 2005, thus recording to have lived only for seven months of the CPA.
The Martyr of South Sudan, African, and the world died for a just cause as defined above. He converted the definition of “the problem Southern Sudan” that guided the first war of 1955-1972, as “the Problem of Sudan” and qualified it to mean that “Sudan is for Sudanese.” He denounced the “Arab minority ruling clique in Khartoum to give up racism and Islamic Sharia” for transformed NEW SUDAN for Unity, Equality, Justice, liberty and the rule of law.
Dr. John Garang, William Deng Nhial, Joseph Oduho, Samuel Gai Tut, Akuot Atem, Gordon Mortat Mayen, Kerubino Kuanyin, William Nyuon Beny, their immediate colleagues, and the two and a half million Martyrs along with heroes, heroines ane thousands of widows and the living with disabilities.
The Survivors, of the longest liberation war in the world, led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the First Vice President Riek Machar Teny, must, I repeat must, look back, beyond the independence declaration on 9 July 2005 and in order to make peace the capital priority and correct the mess and chaos we have alone incurred on our people and the country, from 15 December 2013-2018. Thus using the R-ARCSS to bail out the country and her aggrieved citizenry.
God save us and South Sudan!
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