Middle East, Africa and the uncertainties of the New World Order, by Prof. Abubakar Liman

I have recently witnessed a robust debate on the social media where some Nigerians are questioning the rationale of other Nigerians expressing their concerns over events and unspeakable violence in the warring States of the Middle East.

I was not surprised a bit over those kinds of views considering the low levels of understanding of the interconnectivity of world affairs that average Nigerians are projecting in any discussion of international relations.

In case we don’t know, from the late 19th century when the whole world was streamlined in the orbit of imperialism, happenings in remote corners of the world tend to reverberate in least expected quarters more so now under western inspired globalization.

That’s the way the global system captained by advanced capitalist powers works. Anyway, no matter how we want to look at international affairs, every concerned individual must be wary of the repercussions of the unfolding events in Middle East and Africa.

By now it must have dawned on anybody monitoring global events that the New World Order inaugurated by George Bush (the senior) with the declaration of war against Iraq is coming apart at the seams. Similarly, the desire to establish a New Middle East on behalf of the Zionist State of Israel is becoming a distant possibility. The fallout of the United States hegemonic war on Iraq, the consequent collapse of the Iraqi State and the insecurity it has churned up in the region, is everywhere threatening to engulf the entire world.

Indeed, it is precisely the collapse of the Iraqi State that has given birth to the so called Islamic resistance that eventually metamorphosed into daesh, that deadly and inhuman terror group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and later ISIS, with the active collusion of western intelligence agencies, Saudi Arabia, other Gulf States and the State of Israel. The idea was to replicate the successes of Al-Qaida when it was unleashed on the invading forces of Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The unveiling of the New World Order has coincided with the collapse of Soviet Union and the threats of the growing influence of Islamic Republic of Iran in the region on the interests of United States, the champion of unipolar neoliberal globalization. To this extent, the West, United States of America to be specific, could not even trust the promotion of its liberal values with the opportunities provided by the outbreak of the Arab Spring in different authoritarian countries of the Middle East. Herein lies the sore on the conscience of the world that is Syria today.

The failure of the West to quickly realize its objectives in Syria, considering the ease with which Iraq and Libya were decapitated and destroyed, has unexpectedly applied breaks to the dream of greater Israel that was all alone close to the chest of global Zionism. The creation of greater Israel could not have been remotely possible without weakening or total destruction of Arab states that are militarily powerful.

Therefore, those Arab states must be decimated, one after the other, with the exception of the weak Sheikhdoms of the Arabian Peninsula that have since been browbeaten to toe the line of the old agenda of taking over the region by the twin forces of Zionism and imperialism.

Obviously, things are not playing themselves out as expected. The chicken of this unholy alliance in the New Middle East agenda is coming home to roost. I’m quite sure that when the strategy to balkanize Middle East for the second phase of western re-colonization project, the capacity of the forces of resistance with the active support of resurgent Russia to impede or jeopardize the entire plan was not factored into the simmering cauldron of the initial plan.

The easy takeover of some Middle Eastern powers and the planting of the Zionist State of Israel in Palestine between 1920s and 1945 had convinced the current masters of the universe that this time round they would have things their way as planned. Of course, nobody ever thought the Syrian crisis would take the dimension it has taken now as it is becoming clear that those that wilfully instigated the conflict are no longer sure of how it would end or what would be the repercussions on their overall geostrategic interests. Little surprise how the United States rushed to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The ISIS weapon released on the slumbering Middle East has itself turned out to become a Frankenstein monster threatening to consume even its own creator. Another thing is to look at the manner in which that inhuman terror organization is unleashing its violence on western countries that conveniently overlooked its menace when it was being hatched in the heartlands of Islam. The other more dangerous weapon sent in the direction of Europe especially, is the weapon of migration.

Kurdish Syrian girls are pictured among destroyed buildings in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane, also known as Ain al-Arab, on March 22, 2015. AFP PHOTO/YASIN AKGUL/Getty Images)

The wars in Libya and Syria, and the economic wars waged on the rest of Africa by western powers have led to unintended consequences by way of massive migrations of able-bodied Arab and African young people to Europe. One obvious consequence can be deciphered from the economic threats the migrants are posing to long term strategic and security challenges of many European countries. In fact, that singular issue is openly threatening the survival of European Union.

Clearly, ISIS is, in all its guises, shades and colors, an existential threat to not just the Muslim world but to all other major religious creeds professed by the rest of humanity. At least the patterns of ISIS violence and destruction on communities and cultures are a testimony to their inhuman credentials. The western world initially thought it was the problem of Muslims alone to deal with based on its silence and complicity when the group was rapidly multiplying, spreading and consuming Muslim nations like bushfire. Everybody following the epochal events unfolding in the world must have seen how the West actively connived with the purveyors of such a distorted vision of Islam to create the ideological infrastructure upon which Al-Qaida, Taliban and the Islamic State and their splinters across the place sourced their principles and logistics. Such ideology, as I said earlier, was incubated in the heartland of Islam and deployed to other parts of the Muslim world. Its deployment has created serious crisis of legitimacy for the entire Muslims. Surprisingly however, most Muslims have not yet deemed it necessary to directly tackle the so-called Islamic ideas nourishing the group’s overzealousness as they continue on the trail of devastation and killings.

In Africa, the instrumentality of ISIS terror is concentrated in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Somalia, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon – such places with large concentration of Muslim demographics. El-Shabab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Islamic State of the Sahel have in form and content demonstrated that they were all versions of ISIS, and they must be understood as such if any headway is to be made in tackling their menace. Again, despite their capacity to destabilize sovereign States from where they are directly based, they could also launch attacks in other countries like Kenya and Burkina Faso where they were not known to have very visible presence. The most dangerous development for West and East Africa for now is that these groups are mercurially operating as borderless non-state actors with an incredible capacity, mobility and logistics to touch large expanse of territories across Africa, especially since the display of their symbolic integration with mainstream ISIS in the Middle East. This is the more reason why I see the African Union as wasting its time taking dictation on the strategy and logistics of tackling those nefarious groups from western powers. Do we still need convincing that western powers have their hands soiled in the creation of those deadly groups in the first place?

The implantation of El-Shabab and Boko Haram is apparently meant to gag the rising soft powers of Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. These are countries that have the capacity to stop the re-colonization bid of western powers in Africa in the face of the growing economic influence of China. But that can only be achieved if they are able put their houses in order. Unfortunately, both Kenya and Nigeria are currently weakened by political instability and the destabilizing efforts of orchestrated centrifugal forces in the form of destructive politics of identity. For the western powers rushing to establish military bases all over the place, Africa appears to be its last hope as a sphere of imperialist control. The visit of the former Secretary of State of the United States Rex W. Tillerson to Nigeria and some other Africa countries speaks volumes of the fears of America over the growing Chinese influence. There is indeed so much uncertainty in the Middle East with the way Russia is reasserting itself as a global player. Should China be allowed to control the economic resources of Africa, it would have then effectively sealed the fate of western global hegemony. That’s of course the fears of the United States of America.

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