MUSIC: Why Kent and Flosso’s ‘Byafayo’ is the jam that will make your traffic woes disappear

By Trevor Taremwa

One cannot help simply singing along tothis new love anthem from one of the most talented, hard- working and underrated musical duos, Voltage music.

Kent and Flosso sing their souls out to this one girl with whom they promise to write down history in the books of love.

They craft their story carefully, with well thought out lyrics as they sequen- tially narrate their journey, from how they met the girl downtown in a red dress and this, is arguably one of Voltage’s most outstanding efforts.

The production is smooth. A consistent bass tempo fused with subtle piano keys that spells out a love ballad from the word go. The chorus has an infusion of afro beat and RnB that sets pace for the duos effortless delivery.

The song has very rich lyrical prowess. Kent in the opening verse becomes a story teller, narrating how he met this dream girl, downtown, in a red dress as they waited for a train.

The lyrics have rhyme, they tend towards poetry and they paint a very vivid picture and one cannot simply wait for what the video will look like.

In another verse, Flosso alludes to the once popular Televisionseries couple of “Angelo and Ina” as he refers to how great theirlove will be. The lyrical connection is deep.

Kent’s vocal prowess is breathtaking. Ever since the duo’s rstsong, he has taken tremendous strides as far as his vocal deliv- ery and he sure does justice to this song.

On this song, Voltage music not only make love history but also write down musical history as one of the most talented duos we have seen in the industry. Tremendous effort.Very beautiful song.

Source – matookerepublic

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