Nail art gallery- Put your foot down

Whether you’re giving yourself a pedicure or going out with the girls to the spa to get one, your toes deserve some extra love sometimes. Instead of going with a boring neutral or monochromatic shade punch up the feet a bit.

Nail art has become one of the most popular and Instagram-friendly ways to express yourself, but it takes a true nail-art enthusiastic to carry creative designs down to your pedicure.

Sure, toe nail art won’t be seen as much as fingernail art especially in colder months but there’s something to be said for loving how they look when you take off your shoes after a long day.

Animal Print

If you love animals, going for a feline design will bring out the fierce in you. Do it differently with a white base and multi-coloured designs instead of the cliché spots.


Interested in looking trendy? You are guaranteed to look fresh all year round with this chic design.


Intricate designs come in many shapes and colours. For a feminine interpretation this is your pick.

Stained Glass

Lovers of colour will appreciate this stained glass design that plays with different shades.

Contemporary neutral

Nudes and neutral shades will always be a favourite but how about taking it a notch higher with neutral tones paired with contemporary patterns.

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