New platform to help link Rwandan artistes to EA audiences

Sharon Kantengwa

Rwandan jazz, soul and funk artistes will soon be able to perform in festivals and concerts across the region with ease, thanks to an entertainment booking platform, Fezah.

Fezah was founded by two ex-Googlers from Uganda and currently helps Ugandan and Kenyan entertainers (musicians, bands, DJs) accept and process bookings quickly, from bookers who include event planners, venues, corporates & brands, festival and concert promoters, and a long tail of individual consumers.

The application enables artist bookers access to a large pool of performing artistes and enables them to compare the performance fees of various artistes. It also enables artistes to track the booking status.

Afrogroov’s founder Eric Soul Kirenga recently participated at the Doa Doa festival in Kampala, Uganda where he met one of the founders, Elijah Kitaka, and the two struck a partnership to have professional Rwandan artistes in the genre of jazz, soul and funk music, sign up for the platform.

“I have been tasked to select a dozen of professional and reliable artistes, with a credible record. Once they sign the contract, it will be a chance for them to professionalise themselves and easily expand their market beyond Rwanda.”

The platform makes it easy for artistes and bookers to connect and transact business within minutes without necessarily interacting which eliminates chances of fraud and it saves, he said.

He added that after Kampala, the Rwandan artistes will next [perform in Nairobi.


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