Pray for aid workers in South Sudan

[box] World Vision staff member Michael Angok reunited 11-year-old Abuk and her three younger siblings with their uncle. (©2018 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)[/box]

Eleven-year-old Abuk and her three younger siblings were driven from their village by shooting that claimed their mother’s life, and their father was killed in the war. “I became the mom,” Abuk says. One day, World Vision staff member Michael Angok came to the settlement where they were staying. He had found their uncle.

World Vision is finding extended families for orphans like Abuk and reuniting families who have been separated by the conflict like Ayen and her mother. Despite the conflict making life difficult for aid workers in their families, World Vision staff have served more than 2 million people, at least half of them children, with food, healthcare, education, protection, peacebuilding, water and sanitation.


Our Redeemer, we praise You for the lives that have been saved and the families reunited. We pray for the safety and security of aid workers in this conflict-ridden area. Give them strength and courage for each day’s tasks. We ask You to sustain staff and encourage them during difficult challenges. Empower World Vision to assist more children and families, especially as food insecurity increases, serving as Your hands and feet.

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