Pray for South Sudanese children

[box] Ten-year-old Djok is proud of the soccer ball he made with plastic bags and rope. (©2018 World Vision/photo by Stefanie Glinski)[/box]

Ten-year-old Djok and his family fled to Uganda when their village was attacked and his father was killed. “It’s actually like living in South Sudan, except for that it is safe,” Djok says. “Everyone in my village is from my country, and many want to go back one day.” After school, Djok finds joy playing with the soccer ball he made of several plastic bags and some rope. “It’s not very big yet, but I can play with it,” he says. “I hope I can grow it bigger and have a real game with my friends here.”

Even before South Sudan voted to break away from Sudan, the lives of children were in danger. Today, malnutrition still challenges the youngest, keeping millions from reaching their fifth birthday. U.N. and humanitarian groups’ staffs are rushing to vaccinate children against diseases like measles and typhoid and to provide food resources.

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