Russian President Vladimir Putin ends talk of a sex ban between Russian women and Cup tourists

FEAR not, travelling World Cup fans — we have some good news for you over the proposed Russian tourist sex ban.

It’s dead in the water — and that ruling has come from the very top.

Russian politician Tamara Pletnyova chucked a cat among the pigeons this week when she urged Russian women against becoming amorous with foreign fans in town to watch the World Cup, which started on Friday AEST.

The Family, Women and Children Affairs Committee chairwoman warned that “nothing good will come out of … the inappropriate behaviour of Russian women”.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, with President Vladimir Putin stepping in to overrule the politician — insisting Russian women can make their own choices.

“All countries accuse each other of racism, homophobia, said Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

“This has nothing to do with the World Cup. As for the women of Russia, they can handle anything themselves.”

According to Reuters, Pletnyova was responding to a question about the “Children of the Olympics,” a term used in Russia to describe mixed-race children conceived after the 1980 Moscow Summer Games.

“There will be girls who meet men, and then they will give birth. Maybe they will get married, maybe they won’t. These children will later suffer and have suffered in the Soviet era,” Pletnyova said in a quote translated by The Independent.

Vladimir Putin quickly knocked any talk of a sex ban on the head. Pic: AFP

Pletnyova also expressed her belief that it would be better for Russia if children were born to parents of the same race or nationality.

In a quote translated by the Moscow Times, Pletnyova said: “It is one thing if the parents are of the same race; quite another if they are of different races.”

“We should be giving birth to our own children. I’m not a nationalist, but still,” she added.

Pletnyova’s sex ban was also knocked on the head by Russian parliament member Mikhail Degtyaryov.

“The more love stories we have connected to the world championship, the more people from different countries fall in love, the more children are born, the better,” Degtyaryov was quoted as saying by State news agency Tass.

First Published by Daily Telegraph

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