Self Claimed “Liberators”

The arrogance of individual self claimed liberators of South Sudan that “we liberated it, you were not there!” Yes, you were there. But, maybe you were physically a SPLA soldier or a refugee. Well done.
The liberation war and political dispensations, were successfully well led by William Deng, Joseph Oduho, Joseph Lagu and ultimately strongly completed by Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir, from 1955-2011 (56 years), respectively into “freedom at last!” Deadly, but with determinant consistency and persistency of our leaders and South Sudanese-mothers and fathers, we were able to arrived safely to the independence’s final port. Let’s commemorate the two and half millions martyrs, heroes and heroines, and thank our leaders who fought hard from 1955-2011, a “thanksgiving” they deserved.
But, what happened to us, the survivers of the liberation war? We messed it up, by initiating a self- destructive “senseless war” from 2013-2018. Nonetheless, the warring leaders, assumingly without clear commitment, succumbed and yielded to domestic and international pressures to end war for peaceful resolution of the conflict.
On 12 semptember 2018, the SPLM, SPLM IO and SSOA, led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, First Vice President Riek Machar Teny and Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang, respectively, signed the Revitalised Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS). The R-ARCSS, not a new Bible, contains the solutions we need to finally resolve the devastating crisis we have inflicted on the people of South Sudan and the very country we fought for, liberated and reclaimed its sovereignty.
Thank God, the R-ARCSS is holding and fully subjected to implementation metrixes,led by the Presidency and R-TGoNU in accordance with the transitional constitution, amended 2019. Inspite of this success, the people of South Sudan and regional and international friends, are caught up by “skepticism,” doubting the sincerity and commitment of the former warring leaders; the very same leaders who made mistakes, led the country to war and assumed to have brought the country out of war. Amazing Grace…?
It is said that “people learn from their own mistakes and that of others.” Do our leaders really show signs of having learned from their own mistakes? As we speak, the evidence demonstrates that they have not learned from any mistakes, theirs or others. Instead of reconciling, forgiving one another, apologising to the people or regretting the damages they have inflicted on the country, they continue locked up in suspicion and political antoganism, thus jeopardising the implementation process beyond the formation of R-TGoNU, on 22.2.2020. At lease people expected immediate formation of the ten states’ governments, but this is not forth coming. Reasons of the delays, they say, are simple and only personal between Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. It is the same scenario that faced the formation of R-TGoNU, that continues to face every step in the process of the implementation.
Apparently, the implementation of the R-ARCSS is not moving at the expected rate or speed. The R-TGoNU is incomplete and exclusive. The Revitalised National Legislature (R-NL) and Revitalised Judiciary of South Sudan (R-JSS) are not yet formed and established in accordance with the constitution, amended 2019. The slow down is real and may not be averted soon with ease, since everything is now dependent on the two leaders, Salva and Riek.
In my opinion, the presidency and R-TGoNU shall fail the Transition. Thus, the guarantors, Uganda and Sudan, should keep the leaders engaged for the sole interest of peace loving South Sudanese and the country. We must stick to R-ARCSS. It is the only peace option and hope! Dr. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey.
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