South Sudan: Anti- Peace Ventures in spite of Peace Deal.

(JUBA) – The South Sudanese main armed opposition group (SPLM-Io) accused the authorities of Yei River State of seeking to provoke them and to ignite hostilities through the installation of administrative officials in the areas under their control.

The South Sudanese government and the SPLM-IO signed on 27 June an agreement on the implementation of the comprehensive permanent ceasefire followed by another deal on the outstanding issues on the security arrangements chapter on 6 July.

The two deals reached during Khartoum Round of the revitalization process paved the way for a third agreement on the outstanding issues on the power-sharing and governance that would be signed on 5 August in the Sudanese capital.

SPLM-IO Deputy Spokesperson Lam Paul Gabriel said the Yei River State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony escorted and installed his Commissioner of the controversial Mugwo county in Yei River State, on 26 July.

As the area is under the full control of the SPLA (IO), the “SPLA (IO) forces tactfully pulled out from the area to avoid the intended clashes,” he stressed.

The SPLM-IO official further added that the deputy governor of Yei River State, on Saturday, left Yei escorted by 13 Land Cruisers and 2 trucks full of SPLA soldiers with three commissioners of three counties unilaterally created in the Greater Kajo Keji.

“These Anti-peace ventures are happening when the warring parties have signed a permanent ceasefire and also initialled the KRA, yet it is not the first time that the regime has deliberately provoked and attacked our positions since the declaration of the permanent ceasefire in Khartoum,” said Gabriel.

The SPLM-IO spokesperson called on the government to withdraw “the said commissioners” from the rebel-controlled areas “before we negatively react to exercise our natural entitlement to defend ourselves against such terror”.

Also, he called on the ceasefire body and the UN peacekeeping Operation, IGAD and Troika countries to investigate the provocation of the regime and to “restrain Juba regime from defiantly aggressing the SPLM/SPLA (IO) with an aim to undermine and get rid of the ongoing peace process”.


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