Spread joy with TED!

Dear ALDO,

This past year has been unlike any other here at TED. Whether you’ve watched one TED Talk or hundreds, your support drives our continued commitment to spread new ideas further to make an even greater impact.

In March, at the height of the pandemic, we launched our first-ever membership program. In a time of isolation, we brought together people from around the world through TED Member events like thought-provoking group discussions, book clubs, socials and events with TED speakers.

As we enter into a new season of celebration, joy and giving, we recognize that now more than ever, every conversation and moment of connection is a treasured gift. So, to celebrate the holiday season, we’re excited to officially launch a gift membership program.

When you give the gift of membership, you’re supporting our work to spread ideas. As researcher Liz Dunn shared in her TED Talk, humans have evolved to find joy in giving to others, and understanding a gift’s impact is key to unlocking that joy.

Speaking of impact, here are just a few of the amazing things TED Members have helped us accomplish this year:Produce and share 200+ thought-provoking TED TalksEducate more than three million curious kids (and adults!) a day with delightful TED-Ed lessonsTranslate the fascinating talks and ideas you love into 100 languagesReach 1.5 million daily listeners through perspective-shifting podcastsBecause of our members, we’ve been able to educate and delight billions of people around the world through powerful ideas. I feel so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with them. Let’s keep this momentum going, together.

Ready to give the gift of TED Membership?
We can’t wait to welcome you, your friends and family into our inspiring community.
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