Stay stylish during this rainy season

Lydia Atieno

Staying stylish is every woman’s desire despite the occasion or weather. This rainy season, you don’t have to be left behind as far as fashion is concerned.

Fashion designers say looking good during this season doesn’t need a lot of effort, infact; one can still rock in rainy outfits depending on their preferences.

When it comes to dressing up in this weather, Vanessa Mukashema, a designer in Gikondo says women tend to be in a fixed on what to put on, in order to remain stylish. This shouldn’t be an issue though, according to her.

“It’s actually good idea to layer up when it comes to cold or rainy season. Layering is not only a trend but also a way of making one look fabulous in what they have put on,” she says.

To keep yourself warm, she says one should try putting on a pull neck under a coat, paring it with a dress, skirt or a pair of jeans or tights depending on the occasion at hand.

For the lovers of tight, throwing on a pair of tight or stockings on a pair of jeans will work wonders.

When it comes to the foot wear, Mukashema says one can go with a pair of knee boots, pairing them with a short dress or skirt. The good thing however, according to her, when it comes to layering is that one can still remove some outfit whenever it gets hot, and still rock with the remaining attires.

Long sleeved shirts and sweater vests can work well for those going for office wear. She says for a sophisticated look, one can pair them with jeans, office pants or skirts.

“Closed simple shoes or boots of your preference will help one finish up their look, this will keep you worm throughout the day, and also help you maintain a stylish look all the day long,” she adds.


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