Summary of the ND resolutions from a US-based Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS).

Dear Sudanese Friends and Friends of South Sudan.

This is a brief summary of the results of the 2017-2020 National Dialogue commissioned by President Salva Kiir.  We send this to you in the hopes that you will spread it among all the citizens of South Sudan whether they live in South Sudan or abroad.  We want them to understand what the people of South Sudan said in response to the survey across the country; we want them to understand that many others have the same opinions that they may have; we want them to be prepared for future events such as the drafting of a new constitution and elections.
You can help make your country a better one by helping to spread the word.  This summary represents the hopes and dreams of the people.  They must be reflected in the new constitution.
In His Service,
Bill Andress
Secretary, CASS

To download the document CLICK HERE.

View the document below.

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