Turmoil in America under President Trump

The United States of America, represented by Ambassador, Haley Niki, has floated yet another draft resolution, proposing sanctions against six senior Government officials. The Americans say these senior officials: General Kuol Manyang Juuk, Hon. Micheal Makuei Lueth, Dr. Martin Elias Lumuro, General Malek Rubin Riak, General Paul Malong, are obstructing peace and humanitarian accessibility-assistance.

The Trump’s administration in it’s domestic and international policies of the divide, intimidate and scare people and countries, in all directions, at home and abroad, is losing credibility. He has uprooted the US domestic politics and social fabric, driving it into chaos and fears. These policies, rightly from his elections two and half years ago, have sharply divided Americans into “white supremes, black former slaves and Africans immigrants” and “Americans Christians and Muslims.” The former White-Europeans immigrants are treated as American indigenous in the expense of original citizens of the land. These are the domestic policies plus Trump’s personal dictatorship, believing that other politicians and professionals, including security experts, are always and all the time wrong and he is always right. In spite of President Donald Trump’s troubles at home, his diplomacy internationally is “a laughing stock.”

The American diplomacy is in jeopardy and deliberate turmoil. Under President Trump, the US is sliding downhill in diplomatic relations within developed Western Europe, Latin America, Canada and Australia. Secondly, the US relations with Russian and it’s Allies, China and it’s Allies (North Korean fallout) is on the high question mark (?). President Trump working relations with the Arab World, Isreal, Iran and international terrorism (Radical Islamists), remain seated on a top of an explosive volcano hill. In the neighborhood, he is building a wall to stop Mexicans from coming to the US. He has sworn to cancel the trade agreement, signed and rectified between the US, Mexico, and Canada. He is threatening to renegotiate or cancel ever treaty signed by successful American Presidents before him. Finally, President Trump is not for anything good for Africa and Asia, let alone Africans and Asian at home in the US.

The man, Trump, is not interested in Africa or Africans. One can read Trump’s international business installations all over the world, but none in Africa. Trump does not say anything about the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Central Africa, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali or Palestine. On South Sudan, he says he is supporting the peace initiative, sponsored by the African regional block: Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), to bring peace back to people of South Sudan. But he is, from time to time, suddenly diverted by the Enough project, run by his advisors on South Sudan, John Pendergast and Sentry in Washington, to act adversely against the interest and progress of the ongoing peace process. This group relates to the arms opposition in the war against democratically elected Government, led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

In conclusion, the US President should refrain from the warmongers and foreign enemies of South Sudan. The people and Government of South Sudan, want to dialogue with the US to restore the mutual interest of both countries. They don’t want war with Americans. But South Sudan will not tolerate Trump personally if he messes up to extend his controversial policies, which are already failing the US strategic interest worldwide.

-Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey