UNDP: Kenya tops in unemployment rate in East Africa

In Kenya, the rate is capped at at least 39.1%, Tanzania at 24% while Uganda has the lowest at 18%. According to the report, the impressive score by Uganda is attributed to the fact that most young people have delved into agriculture hence bridging the gap between job opportunities in the formal and informal job sectors.
In Tanzania, which comes second after Kenya, one out of every 20 young person is unemployed. The report however cites tough social media regulations in Tanzania which have since seen a dwindle in the number of youth benefiting from cyber-based jobs.
The jua kali sector in Kenya has however helped in providing job opportunities as it employs at least 86% of the workforce thus controlling 80% of the economy. The UNDP also blamed a deep in job opportunities in the country on the protracted 2017 General Election which also created a surge in inflation rates.
“Inflation rates rose from 7.84% in May 2017 to 8.36% in August 2017, significantly affecting ordinary Kenyans,” reads the report. The UN body however expressed optimism that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda, premised on provision of quality health services, affordable housing, manufacturing and food security, would create a pool of job opportunities.
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