‘We want a corrupt free Africa’

by Jacob Ngarivhume

Good day Zimbabwe

25 May 2018 marks the 55th birthday of AU formerly known as OAU. It comprises 55 countries in Africa. Gladly Zimbabwe is part of this organisation that was formed by our African heroes that includes Kwame Nkrumah and others.

The main objectives of the OAU were, inter alia, to rid the continent of the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid ,to promote unity and solidarityl among African States, to coordinate and intensify cooperation for development, to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States and to promote international cooperation within the framework of the United Nations.

Indeed, as a continental organization the OAU provided an effective forum that enabled all Member States to adopt coordinated positions on matters of common concern to the continent in international fora and defend the interests of Africa effectively.

As Zimbabwe we celebrate this day with a heavy heart as there is more to be done inline with the objectives stated above. There is need to find ways to curb corruption and impunity in our African countries. We fought a good fight and liberated ourselves from white colonialist but there is need to emancipate ourselves from our brothers who are inconsiderate, inhuman and selfish.

As patriotic Africans we must observe constitutionalism and practice transformational leadership. Failure of Africa and failure of Zimbabwe is failure of Leadership.

With that in mind good people of Zimbabwe, we have been ceased with another chance to choose leaders who will bring in a new culture of politics and governance that will usher in development and hope in our beloved nation Zimbabwe.

Under our banner MDC Alliance, Transform Zimbabwe is here to provide leadership. Lets be united for the best of our nation and the coming generation.

I verified my voters details, have you? On this day, let us all encourage our friends and families to verify their voter registration details and register to vote.

Happy Africa Day Zimbabwe.
Real Transformation is in your vote. Vote for MDC Alliance.

*MDC Alliance Principal*
*TZ President*
*Jacob Ngarivhume*


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