Why only the confident grab best opportunities

The modesty of not tooting our own horns keeps us winking in the dark, hoping that opportunity will somehow see us and respond. So, why do we hang onto it so tenaciously? Who convinced us that opportunity is going to come knocking on our doorsteps and ask us all the questions that will make your talent, skills and abilities pop right out?

Here’s the thing: opportunity is an arrogant lady boss. She wears very pointy heeled shoes, meaning she cannot do much walking; so you have to take yourself to her if you want a chance at anything.

If you know anything about high heels, they are not built for long distance. So, Ms Opportunity will normally be found perched on a high stool lording over others. With her well-manicured fingers, she marks those who stand out from the crowd.

These are the people she presents with her array of top career moves, business strategies, networks, relationships and all those goodies that we dream of.

If Lady-boss is to spot you, you’ve got to understand the true meaning of this frequently misunderstood word.

Pride means being so great at what you do that you have no qualms tooting your own horn.

It means being willing to take action others are unwilling or too unsure of themselves to take.

It means standing up to be counted on projects that require selflessness, sacrifice and direction. Pride in who we are gives us the ability to develop ourselves so that we can enjoy healthy relationships with others.

Stand out, don’t blend in. Ms Opportunity cannot spot you in a blend.

What most of those that you would be blending in with don’t know is that when you’re proud of yourself, you ignite your self-worth and develop a high standard for everything and everyone around you. Keep at it.

Soon, that high standard starts to manifest and grows in quality and quantity.

It becomes your persona. Your persona is that uniqueness that cannot be in anyone else. It is what makes you stand out from everyone else.

A feeling of superiority can’t be a good thing, can it? Well, that depends.

Self-pride is only negative when you start to put others down. Then it is arrogance. That’s certainly not what I am advocating here.

The thing is that no one needs to know about your self-pride. It is your secret card.

Your don’t keep it close to your chest, you keep it inside your heart of hearts.

When you go about your business with this kind of confidence in yourself, your every endeavour turns into magic.

Source – Business Daily

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