Will Bakasoro continue to command the same respect?

 I define serial defections as political nomadism. I heard this jargon from my friend in an informal chat. It is a shift of political colors and allegiance, more often than not, in a disorganized manner. It is engendered by opportunism, empty promises for jobs or wealth. Others call it political instability. The gist of my argument is the habitual and natural defection by our confused leaders. They do it not for the benefits of the people but theirs and their families. South Sudan leaders are known for being hostile and unfriendly and very much visionless. They find solace in confusions, wars and destructions. They are exploiting the kindness of the citizens. They mistake our resilience and quietness for satisfaction. Surely; they are dead wrong. The God of our ancestors will not forgive them. Many desperate and failed politicians defect, form family groupings they call Parties, which is a misnomer.

The above piece of your article is the factual characteristic of many politicians in the SPLM. You are right in all anti-progressive adjectives you have applied to describe these mushrooming politicians of fortune, hate, unproposive-lying and lunatic-negligence. I contain your  fears because you have hit at the habituality of human idiots. However, the SPLM leaders who are still young, learning and picking up lessons from their own mistakes, may U turn back to the SPLM. And are welcomed.
The SPLM’s manifesto and constitution “is driven and based on theories of liberation, humanity freedoms and African socialist ideology. In contrast with political factional parties of the “run-away” individuals politicians like, for example, SPLM IO, SPLM DC, SPLM Leaders-FDs, no another party in South Sudan that have departed from the SPLM’s vision and mission, even the NCP of Khartoum who are enrolling and being enrolled into SPLM and SPLA. It is only former SANU, Southern Front and Anya Nya-one compatriots who are not pretending or trying to cheat and bullying the SPLM/SPLA. 
I therefore, welcome Hon. Joseph Bagasi Bakosoro to his Father and Mother Party, with all his group. He is a nationalist and a true leader of Western Equatoria without prejudice to his emerging leadership of the Republic of South Sudan. God bless him and inspire the true SPLM’s leaders to come back, without hesitation.

Dr. Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey

Political Historian


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