Zambia cracks down on online pornography

from ARNOLD MULENGA in Lusaka, Zambia
LUSAKA, (CAJ News) – ZAMBIA has threatened to jail girls and women circulating their naked pictures in social media for purposes of sex work.

They are liable to prison sentences of five years.

Godfridah Sumaili, the National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, expressed concern at the prevalence of pictures of naked females.

“This is immoral,” the minister said.

“This is a criminal offence that is likely to corrupt morals of people and erode the fibre of the nation,” Sumaili said.

She warned those airing pictures of the naked girls and women would be charged under the Penal Code.

The trend is believed to be the handiwork of sex workers and their agents, who are making the most of the advent of social media and are desperate to lure clients.

In Zambia, prostitution is legal and common but related activities such as soliciting and procuring are prohibited.

Prostitution is blamed on unemployment and other economic challenges.

The warning comes as the Southern African country cracks down on abuse of social media.
– CAJ News

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